Synapse Cloud records data for mast and rigging engineers to analyse and provide specific feedback. This is made possible by utilising our proprietary rig design and analysis software.

The information is presented through interactive reports, conveying a clear message to help you maximise the performance and safety of your rig.

Personalised Feedback

By leveraging Synapse’s powerful querying and visualisation capabilities, we analyse data, examining factors such as load profiles, usage patterns, and performance metrics that effect your rig. Proprietary Southern Spars and Hall Spars design software and industry leading expertise comprehensive analysis helps identify potential areas of improvement, troubleshoot issues, and make data-driven recommendations to enhance your overall rig management strategy.

Our team of data experts can work closely with you to define the specific objectives and tailor the analysis to meet your unique requirements.

Reactive Service

Using Synapse data, we have the capability to interrogate your load data and conduct a deep dive analysis into the life and specific events of your rig.

Our advanced data analytics tools and techniques allow us to extract valuable insights and identify patterns or anomalies that can help improve your understanding of load behaviour and optimise your setup for performance and ensure maximum safety.

Synapse System

Synapse integrates load sensors, logs data, and provides real-time information. It connects to existing onboard systems and enables safety alarms when predetermined limits are exceeded.

Synapse System
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Data Visualisation

Synapse Live displays onboard information in real-time on existing displays or smart devices connected to the WiFi network. Connecting Synapse to the cloud service enables interactive reporting and post-event analysis for optimised performance monitoring.

Synapse Data visualisation, live and cloud dashboards.
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