Integrated Sensors

It is possible to integrate Synapse with most classic fittings and parts, such as turnbuckles, toggles, and fixed eyes. When opting to upgrade your Future Fibres rigging with Synapse, a prefix is added, symbolising their advancement into our data-driven world.

These enhanced parts seamlessly integrate load cell technology while ensuring full compatibility with existing classic fittings. This integration provides you with a seamless and optimized load monitoring experience, combining the benefits of advanced technology with the familiarity and compatibility of traditional components.

Synapse parts are nearly indistinguishable from standard parts, making them the lightest and least wind-resistant load monitoring solution.

Example fittings

Synapse Turnbuckle

Synapse Fixed Eye

Synapse Toggle - Integrated Load Sensor

Synapse Toggle

Lashing Eye


Simple Strain
Digital Data
Seamless Integration

Simple Strain

Synapse Hardware seamlessly integrates into rigging, positioning itself closely in-line with loads to measure simple tension.

By gauging a relationship between strain and applied load, it provides superior accuracy and reliability compared to systems that rely on bending stress.

With simple in-line measurement, there are no discrepancies between calibration performed in the lab and on the yacht.


Thanks to its pre-calibrated nature, Synapse hardware ensures accuracy right from the start, regardless of the conditions present in an ocean environment.

The accuracy remains unaffected by the radial orientation and angle of loading. Additionally, each sensor stores calibration values, eliminating the need for time-consuming setup or recalibration processes.

Digital Data

Synapse performs all load value conversions within its hardware and directly sends a digital signal to its controller, thereby streamlining the process and minimising the chances of inaccuracies or malfunctions.

Additionally, it has the capability to transmit data at speeds exceeding 100Hz when required.

Connecting Options

Connections are available in both wired and wireless options. Wired connections are generally preferred because they crucially enable fast data transmission (needed for true data logging) and remove the need for batteries which need charging.

Where necessary Synapse load cells can be supplied with WiFi or bluetooth connectivity.

In the case of bluetooth the the Synapse mobile app can be used to connect directly to the load cell or via gateway to the Nucleus processor.

Synapse System
Connecting characteristics
Power Consumption
5.6-18V DC, 60mA
Very Low
Transmission Frequency
Max 200Hz (Total)
Max 10Hz
Connectivity *
Wired to Synapse Nucleus
Via a base station
Connect to Nucleus via Synapse Gateway or direct to smart device

*varies with environment

Standalone Sensors

Synapse offers a range of products that can function independently of your rigging system, designed to provide standalone monitoring and measurement capabilities. This includes stocked items such as the Synapse Link, as well as custom load cells and fibre optics.

Synapse Standalone Sensors
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Data Visualisation

Synapse Live displays onboard information in real-time on existing displays or smart devices connected to the yachts network. Connecting Synapse Cloud enables interactive reporting and post-event analysis for optimised performance monitoring.

Synapse Data visualisation, live and cloud dashboards.
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