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Synapse was born from Future Fibres’ ambition to lead with technologically advanced rigging solutions. Recognising the broader impact of smart load-sensing rigging for mast engineering and lifecycle care, the initiative has expanded to include Hall Spars, Southern Spars, and RigPro. Synapse now stands as a collective brand that symbolises a joint product development drive, propelling the evolution of smart, above-deck technology.

This encompasses intelligent interface for rigging, load sharing for sails, and data collection for performance and safety analytics—continuing Future Fibres’ dedication to providing customers with the most comprehensive performance capabilities for their rigs.

Synapse Development Team in Valencia

Synapse Team

The Synapse team is a small dedicated group of engineers, developers and managers, with a commitment to pushing innovation and providing custom setups. The team strives to deliver solutions tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

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