Synapse is a yacht monitoring platform that integrates sensors, logs data, and provides real-time information. It connects to existing onboard systems and enables safety alarms when predetermined limits are exceeded.

System overview

Synapse system diagram
Synapse Link – standalone wireless load sensor, available in 2T, 5T, 10T and 20T.
Nucleus – on-board sever that powers Synapse and provides a secure connection to our online services.
Synapse Live – real time live information combining live data with engineering targets and constraints.
Synapse Cloud – facilitates interrogation of stored data through interactive dashboards.
Fibre Optics – utilising composite patches applied to your rig to measure load values on structural areas and seamlessly integrate them into the Synapse system.
The synapse system combines integrated and standalone sensors.

Integrated Sensors

In partnership with Future Fibres, Synapse offers the capability to enhance standard rigging interfaces with load sensing technology. This means that whether you are working on a new build or a refit project, you can integrate Synapse’s load sensing technology into your rigging system.

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Standalone Sensors

Synapse offers a range of products that can function independently of your rigging system, designed to provide standalone monitoring and measurement capabilities. These Synapse products, including lashing load cells, standard fittings with load sensing technology, and fiber optics, offer comprehensive standalone monitoring solutions. Additionally, we provide custom solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Synapse Standalone Sensors
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Storage and Processing

The Synapse Nucleus and Bluetooth Gateway are components of the Synapse system that facilitate the logging and storage of load values. They enable both live visualisation of load data and post-event analysis.

Synapse Nucleus, compact onboard server that powers Synapse, and ensures seamless communication.
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Data Visualisation

Synapse Live displays onboard information in real-time on existing displays or smart devices connected to the WiFi network. Connecting Synapse cloud enables interactive reporting and post-event analysis for optimised performance monitoring.

Synapse Data visualisation, live and cloud dashboards.
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