Standalone Sensors

Synapse provides a variety of products that are capable of operating independently from your rigging system. These products are designed to offer standalone monitoring and measurement capabilities.

Among the Synapse product range are lashing load cells, standard fittings equipped with load sensing technology, and fiber optics. All of these products are capable of providing standalone monitoring solutions.

Synapse Link standalone load sensor

Synapse Link

Synapse Cylinder Jaws are used to replace OEM parts with load cells.

Synapse Jaw

fibre optic load sensor

Fibre Optics

Synapse custom load sensing technology

Custom Solution

Synapse Cylinder Jaws are used to replace OEM parts with load cells.

Synapse Jaw

Although measuring load from Hydraulic pressure is common, inherent damping reduces the ability to measure dynamic loads properly.

Synapse Cylinder Jaws are used to replace OEM parts with load cells to give accurate and dynamic feedback, ensuring the correct loads are read.

Fibre Optics

Synapse collaborates with a prominent leader in the Fibre Optic industry, to offer cutting-edge fibre optic strain sensing capabilities. By utilising composite patches that can be applied to your rig, it becomes feasible to measure load values on structural areas and seamlessly integrate them into the Synapse system.

  • Accurate and reliable measurements
  • Real-time monitoring for enhanced control strategies
  • Facilitates proactive maintenance and ensures system integrity
fibre optic load sensor
Synapse custom load sensing technology

Custom Solutions

Our engineering team can design custom parts for any load sensing application.

Connecting Options

WiFi connections offer high range and sample rates but always require a gateway and have higher power consumption.

Bluetooth connections offer reasonable range and sample rates and can connect directly to smart devices via the Synapse App or to a full system via the Synapse gateway.

Synapse System
Connecting characteristics
> 20m
Transmission Frequency
100 Hz
Max 200 Hz (total)
Max 10 Hz
Connectivity *
Wired to Synapse Nucleus
Via a base station
Connect to Nucleus via Synapse Gateway or direct to smart device

*varies with environment

Integrated Sensors

In partnership with Future Fibres, Synapse offers the capability to enhance a standard interface with load sensing technology. This means that whether you are working on a new build or a refit, you can integrate Synapse’s load sensing technology into your rigging system.

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Data Visualisation

Synapse Live displays onboard information in real-time on existing displays or smart devices connected to the WiFi network. Connecting Synapse to the cloud service enables interactive reporting and post-event analysis for optimised performance monitoring.

Synapse Data visualisation, live and cloud dashboards.
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