Data Visualisation

Synapse specialises in two distinct types of data visualisation. Our real-time dashboards provide immediate feedback, presenting crucial insights when you need them the most. This live information is designed to enable quick, data-driven decisions for immediate action.

The Synapse Cloud platform allows for detailed data interrogation. It facilitates interrogation of stored data through interactive dashboards, offering users the ability to dive deep into historical information, identify patterns, and generate actionable insights.

Synapse Live

Synapse Live is a powerful tool designed for real-time information display. It grants users access to bespoke dashboards available on all devices connected to your yacht’s network, allowing for seamless accessibility.

Each dashboard can be tailored specifically for your yacht, combining live data with engineering targets and constraints. This means you can monitor your yacht’s performance in real time against predetermined targets and safety criteria.

Synapse Live can adjust to sailing conditions, sail setup and point of sail to display the most relevant data to match the real world conditions.

Synapse Live has the ability to run independently from all other systems onboard. Providing easy access to load data during commissioning and after.

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Synapse Cloud

Synapse Cloud presents stored through interactive reports and dashboards. Dashboards have been built from the ground up with a focus on ease of use and simplicity.

Our events system helps automatically highlight important events so that they can be inspected without having to trawl through months of data.

Due to our data retention and thinning algorithms high fidelity data is retained and visible in the cloud, not just locally on the yacht.

Synapse System

The Synapse System combines integrated and standalone sensors, which, when powered by the Synapse Nucleus, facilitate real-time data visualisation and unlocks the potential for powerful data analysis.

Synapse System
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Mast and rigging engineers can analyse recorded data, provide boat-specific feedback, and ensure that sailing systems and rig loads are operating within its intended design envelope.

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