Storage and Processing

Synapse Nucleus allows easy integration into your existing systems. Serving as the central hub, Nucleus enables seamless connectivity and acts as a repository for logging and storing data. The Synapse Gateway provides the capability to connect and integrate any Bluetooth sensors into the Synapse system. This integration allows for efficient monitoring and management of all sensors on your yacht.


The Nucleus is the compact on-board server that powers Synapse, making it the most sophisticated and reliable load sensing system available. Acting as the system’s beating heart, it ensures seamless communication and drives unparalleled performance.


  • Reads data from all Synapse Load Sensors at high frequencies suitable for load analysis
  • Ability to connect and read other sensors installed on-board
  • Shares information with other common sailing systems
  • Stores data locally and pushes to the cloud when connected to the internet
  • Hosts Synapse Live dashboard

The Nucleus provides a secure connection to our online services, ensuring reliable data backup and seamless communication with our team of expert sailors and service providers.

Synapse Nucleus, compact onboard server that powers Synapse, and ensures seamless communication.
Wind, GPS etc. Synapse sensors

data In

General purpose CAN input Customisable port

RS485 / RS232

Network comms UDP

Dimensions (mm):160 x 160 x 75
Weight: 1.2kg

synapse bluetooth gateway

Dimensions (mm): 80x80x45

Ethernet RS232 Bluetooth WiFi
Network comms UDP Serial communication Bluetooth communication with the loadcells Network comms UDP

Synapse Gateway

Synapse Gateway enables the connection of all Bluetooth sensors to the Nucleus. This integration allows for seamless communication and data transfer between the sensors and Nucleus, mitigating range issues.

Once connected to the Nucleus, your wireless data is integrated into Synapse and becomes available within the yacht’s system, as well as on your Live and Cloud dashboards.


  • Captures tension applied on Bluetooth Load Cells within its range.
  • Transmits data to the processor (Nucleus), for integration into the yachts system.
  • Provides an intuitive web interface for easy configuration.
  • Supports up to 8 devices concurrently.
  • Allows flexible placement of BT Gateway for extended reach to distant loadcells.
  • Supports multiple BT Gateways on the same boat when required.

Synapse System

The Synapse System combines integrated and standalone sensors, which, when powered by the Synapse Nucleus, facilitate real-time data visualisation and unlocks the potential for powerful data analysis.

Synapse System
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Data Visualisation

Synapse Live displays onboard information in real-time on existing displays or smart devices connected to the WiFi network. Connecting Synapse cloud enables interactive reporting and post-event analysis for optimised performance monitoring.

Synapse Data visualisation, live and cloud dashboards.
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