Integrated Hardware

Data Collection

Designed in collaboration with Future Fibres, Southern Spars, Hall Spars and North Sails, Synapse Integrated Hardware is built into OEM parts – working accurately with existing systems with no additional external housing.

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Simple Strain

Integrating directly into rigging, Synapse Hardware sits closely in-line with loads, measuring simple tension – gauging a linear relationship between strain and applied load. Far more accurate and reliable than systems which gauge bending stress, simple in-line strain gauging ensures no discrepancy between calibration in the lab or on the yacht.


However your yacht is set up Synapse Hardware delivers accuracy from day one, in any conditions an ocean environment might provide. Radial orientation and angle of pull do not affect accuracy, and all calibration values are stored within each sensor, so no lengthy set-up or recalibration is necessary.


Loads exerted while sailing can be highly dynamic. In order to effectively monitor and output fluctuating values Synapse Hardware can sample at upwards of 100Hz when necessary.

Minimal Dimensions

With hardware built into existing rig elements, the physical difference between standard and Synapse parts is barely noticeable, making it the lightest, lowest windage load monitoring solution possible.

Connecting Options

We offer both wired and wireless Integrated Hardware. If wiring is impractical, WiFi configurations are generally preferable as they provide longer ranges and higher sample rates. Bluetooth connections are useful for simple applications – connecting directly to the Synapse smartphone app without the need for an intermediate hubapplications – connecting directly to the Synapse smartphone app without the need for an intermediate hub.

The characteristics of each option are outlined below:

Power Consumption
5.6-18V DC, 60mA
Very Low
Transmission Frequency
Max 200Hz (Total)
Max 10Hz
Wired to Synapse Hub
Via a base station
Direct to Smart Device

Synapse Hub

Storage and Processing

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Data Visualisation

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