Synapse Hub

Storage and Processing

The intelligent nexus between data streams, Synapse Hub stores and processes complex data for simple onboard and online management.

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The hub continually logs at high speeds, integrating load data with other streams that are available on the yacht’s network.


Astutely engineered with enough local storage for months of continuous logging, our algorithms utilize our proprietary engineering analysis to harvest data. For example, data close to maximum working load is maintained at high fidelity while less essential data is thinned out to preserve space.


The neural junction of the wider on-board infrastructure, Synapse Hub links with existing systems as well as Synapse hardware to read and output data, either for on-screen display or to trigger other mechanisms.


The hub provides a secure connection to our online services, keeping data reliably backed-up and staying in touch with our expert team of sailors and service providers.

Integrated Hardware

Data Collection

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Data Visualization

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