Intelligent Rigging with Future Fibres


Future Fibres composite rigging enhanced by Synapse.

Precision. Integration. Reliability. Analysis

Monitor your engine above deck with real-time load data at your fingertips. Unlock optimal sailing, get the most out of your equipment, and ensure safe and reliable operation. Synapse offers an integrated IoT platform for analysing and improving your yachts performance.

Real-Time Feedback

Empowering sailors with real-time feedback, we enable you to hone your peak performance and keep your rig within its limits. Push your gear hard without backing off prematurely; find and repeat optimal settings; tweak, modify and refine, discovering what works and adapting to the situation.


Intelligent data analysis is the next step forward in enhancing the sailing experience. This has been proven by elite race teams, and Synapse offers the user-friendly solution that brings this advancement to the rest of the field.

Synapse records data for mast and rigging engineers, who provide specific feedback through interactive reports to ensure that all sailing systems and rig loads are working within the design envelope.

synapse data analysis

Perfect Integration

As part of Future Fibres and in the same family as Southern Spars, Hall Spars and RigPro, Synapse is able to make best possible use the captured data.

Synapse ties together technologies and services from our industry leading partners, making the best possible use of captured data. This unique combination of real word data, engineering and best in class service puts you in control and maximizes your yacht’s capabilities.

Synapse System

Synapse integrates load sensors, logs data, and provides real-time information. It connects to existing onboard systems and enables safety alarms when predetermined limits are exceeded.

Synapse System
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Using proprietary rig design tools at Southern Spars, Hall Spars and Future Fibres, engineers are able to analyse recorded data mast and rigging engineers analyse recorded data, provide specific feedback and ensure that sailing systems and rig loads are operating within their intended design envelope.

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