Developed to excel

Data Collection


Evolving beyond more complex, convoluted systems, which have typically used an analogue output and external amplifiers, all conversion occurs within Synapse sensors, which send a voltage signal direct to controllers – streamlining the process and reducing the chance of inaccuracy or malfunction. All hardware is pre-calibrated, so accuracy is assured when it reaches ocean environments.

Simple Strain
Digital Data
Seamless Integration

Storage and Processing


The intelligent nexus between data streams, Synapse hub reads, compresses and processes data for local and cloud storage. Outputting data to onboard displays Synapse Dashboard, and to other onboard systems, its advanced connective capacities drive Synapse systems to the forefront of sailing innovation.

Data Visualization


Accessible through any device connected to the internet, the Synapse dashboard stores data and presents it in its most useful form. The objective is to bring you a greater understanding of your boat, allowing you to access your vital rig numbers wherever you are in the world and letting you to connect and share data with manufacturers and RigPro service engineers.