Standalone Load Cells

Data Collection

Our Stand-Alone Sensors are easily added to elements of your rig. Like our integrated hardware, they feed load data to the Synapse Dashboard.

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Lashing Sensors

Lashing Sensors are added into connections with strops e.g backstay or vang. They are available in 2T, 5T, 10T and 15T sizes.


Helix Load Links

Helix Load Links precisely measure the luff and cable loads of the North Sails Helix Product Range, ensuring optimal load-sharing and improved performance.

Make the most out of equipment

Our Stand-Alone Sensors are designed specifically for North Sails, Future Fibres, Southern Spars and Hall Spars products.

Custom Solutions

We can design bespoke sensors for specific applications.

The Synapse App

Connect sensors to the Synapse mobile app via Bluetooth to stream live loads directly to your smart device.

Connecting Options

We offer Bluetooth and WiFi configurations for Stand-Alone Sensors. WiFi is generally preferable as it enables longer range connections and higher sample rates. Bluetooth is useful for simple applications – connecting directly to the Synapse smartphone app without the need for an intermediate hub.

The characteristics of each option are outlined below:

Very Low
Power Consumption
Direct to Smart Device
5.6-18V DC, 60mA
Max 200Hz (Total)
Max 10Hz
Transmission Frequency
Wired to Synapse Hub
Via a base station

Synapse Hub

Storage and Processing

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Data Collection

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