Take control of Safety and Performance

We aim to enhance your sailing experience by putting you in control of the variables that matter most; providing insights usually reserved for engineering teams in the most accessible, useful formats possible. Our systems seamlessly integrate into leading-edge products from North Sails, Future Fibres, Southern Spars and Hall Spars, creating a perfect synergy between each element of equipment and sailors themselves. Synapse empowers you to sail fast with confidence and precision—continually repeating and refining your optimal settings, safe in the knowledge of your rig limits.

Real-Time Feedback

Empowering sailors with real-time feedback, we enable you to hone your peak performance and keep your rig within its limits. Push your gear hard without backing off prematurely; find and repeat optimal settings; tweak, modify and refine, discovering what works and adapting to the situation.

Continuous Analysis

Intelligent data analysis is the next step forward in enhancing the sailing experience. This has been borne out by elite race teams and Synapse is the user-friendly solution that brings this to the rest of the field.

Perfect Integration

Our vision is of a perfect synergy between rig technologies already developed to the cutting-edge by industry-leading engineers. Synapse sews these elements together, putting you in control of every detail, maximizing your yacht’s capabilities and feeling every benefit.