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An Enhanced Sailing Experience

By 15 de julio de 2021No Comments

North Sails, Future Fibres, Southern Spars & Hall Spars represent the benchmark of innovation in the marine industry. Designers and manufacturers to the world’s elite grand prix race teams, and the most eminent superyachts, their influence reaches beyond pioneering advanced manufacturing techniques.

Between them, these four brands not only produce the best sail and rig products available but are able to provide solutions to the challenges faced by every kind of customer in search of high-quality. This means meticulous consultation processes, bespoke designs tailored to every requirement, and a service provider in RigPro that redefines what the relationship between manufacturer and customer can be.

Moreover, our research and development teams pride themselves on creating leading-edge products and services which tackle the next great challenges, pressing forward to the next frontier of performance, safety & ease of use—enhancing the sailing experience on every front.

It has been clear for some time that the next major step in our dual development of service and technology leads towards digitisation—providing more data to sailors in the most useful and accessible forms possible.

Synapse is the user-friendly system which enables you to monitor every minute adjustment with real-time load data at your fingertips; unlock optimal performance, get the most out of your equipment, and guarantee safety through one simple, integrated system. As well as providing live feedback, Synapse continually logs and analyses data, providing performance insights usually reserved for race teams with data professionals.

Load monitoring has been around for some time, but with some major drawbacks. Cumbersome, convoluted hardware combinations, analogue connections and unreliable calibration have been a general theme, but Synapse draws a line under these inefficiencies.

We have the unique ability to streamline the process by integrating load-sensing into our OEM parts, offering hardware designed by our engineers specifically to work with our equipment, with no external additions necessary. Synapse hardware comes pre-calibrated, in wired and wireless options, and uses a voltage signal to send data direct to controllers reliably and accurately every time.

Our vision is of a perfect synergy between each element of equipment and sailors themselves. To bridge this gap between man and machine we have introduced an intelligent user interface into the equation—Synapse Dashboard. Synapse data can be displayed live across your on-board displays, but via the Dashboard you can access all of your data and analytics from any device connected to the internet, from anywhere in the world. All our experience and expertise has gone into designing the Dashboard for maximum clarity and usefulness—as industry-leading engineers and experienced sailors we understand which data is critical and how it is best understood. Working closely with developers, we have delivered a platform which easily conveys professional-level data to a wider audience—giving you the full picture and enhancing your understanding of your boat.

The benefits of Synapse are far wider-reaching than immediate performance-analysis and rig-failure prevention. As a digital extension of RigPro’s global network, Synapse has evolved our service offering to an unprecedented level of convenience and precision. Through Synapse Dashboard users can take advantage of our expert service engineers by sharing key data insights from anywhere in the world.

The possibilities in a global network of performance data and analysis are huge. The ability to compare and share key load data and performance analytics with coaches, consultants, and other crews, as well as with service professionals and manufacturers through one simple system is likely to have a widespread impact on performance.

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